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Protest gegen neue Kriege

Veröffentlicht von Friedensrat (admin) am Sep 17 2014
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Code Pink heckles John McCain’s war talk: ‘You have no authority on this issue!’

16 Sep 2014                   

Code Pink's Medea Benjamin interrupts Senate hearing (CNN)

Protesters from the group Code Pink repeatedly interrupted Senate hearings on military action the U.S. is taking against ISIS, an army of Islamic radicals in Iraq.

At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was thanking the committee for their support when Code Pink protester Medea Benjamin stood up with a large pink sign reading “More War = More Extremism.”

“It’s the U.S. intervention that opened the way for ISIL!” she yelled as officer escorted her from the room. “U.S. military will not be a solution, and is counterproductive! Don’t drag us into another war!”


Seconds later, a man stood up with another pink sign: “Don’t Take ISIL War Bait.”

He was quickly taken from the room as Chairman Carl Levin (D-MI) admonished the protesters for interrupting the hearing.

“I would ask all of you to avoid these kind of outbursts,” he said. “They’re not doing anybody any good, including hearing what this testimony is. And they’re not doing you, and whatever your cause is any good either.”

“We need smart senators, not smart bombs!” the protester shouted.

Demonstrators were quiet for about 30 minutes, until Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) began to complain that the U.S. was not taking enough military action against ISIS.

“The estimates are there are some 31,000 metastasizing in a very rapid fashion into a much larger force,” he explained. “To many of us, that seems like an inadequate response.”

“Senator McCain, you have no authority to speak out on this issue!” one demonstrator exclaimed before Levin’s gavel muffled her protests.

“I’m asking you now to please leave the room,” Levin said, continuing to bang the gavel.

“How dare you!” the protester said as officers pushed her toward the door.

“I always appreciate special attention from this group,” McCain quipped.

Watch the video below from NBC News.


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